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Think Twice Before Putting Off Getting Care

Have knee pain that has stuck around for a few days? Or a headache that keeps getting worse? It’s time to get it checked out by a doctor—sooner rather than later. Here’s why it’s crucial to seek care promptly when you need it.

Reason #1: To get an accurate diagnosis

Consider a nagging headache, for example. It might be from a sinus infection or stress. But it might also be due to a brain injury or blood vessel disorder. A doctor can identify what’s causing your health problem. And that’s the first step toward getting the right treatment.

Reason #2: To feel better faster and prevent complications

Let’s say you catch the flu. In some cases, antiviral drugs may lessen your symptoms, shorten your downtime, and reduce your risk for pneumonia. But to work well, these medicines should be started within two days of your first flu symptoms. If you delay, it may be too late to benefit.

Reason #3: To save money in the long run

Some people postpone seeing the doctor in an effort to save money. But a trip to your doctor’s office now will cost a lot less than a trip to the emergency room later if things get worse.

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